Indicators That You Need To Schedule An Appointment With A Cosmetic Dentist

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A cosmetic dental specialist can improve the appearance of your teeth if you are uncomfortable with how they look. Moreover, this expert can enhance your gums and your bite. While these dental issues may be considered aesthetic, having them resolved can significantly boost the functioning of your teeth.

Here are some indicators that you should see a cosmetic dentist.

Discolored Teeth

Unfortunately, wine and coffee can darken your teeth over time. In addition, regular smoking can alter the appearance of your pearly whites. Specifically, you can develop yellow or yellowish-brown teeth from constant smoking. Besides this, tartar accumulation can stain your teeth, bringing about an unsightly appearance. When you see a cosmetic dentist regarding these issues, they are likely to suggest teeth whitening. Following this procedure, your teeth regain their original color, helping to boost your confidence.

Missing Teeth

You might lose a tooth during an auto accident or if you fall hard onto the ground. In some cases, severe gum disease can also contribute to tooth loss. Regardless of the cause, the absence of some teeth can make you feel embarrassed to talk or laugh around people. Nonetheless, a dental specialist can advise you on the different possible treatments so that you may find one that suits your budget and health needs. These choices include implants, dentures, and bridges. Notably, you need sufficient jawbone in order to get implants.

Uneven Teeth

Teeth naturally differ in size and shape, which means that you might have uneven teeth, adversely affecting your smile. Moreover, this dental problem can create difficulty while chewing. For these reasons, it is prudent to look to cosmetic dentistry to fix your uneven teeth. After examining your teeth, the dentist may recommend procedures like veneers, dental bonding, etc. As a result of the treatment, your teeth will appear proportional and more appealing.

Gapped Teeth

Gaps between your teeth can trap food and contribute to decay. Furthermore, these gaps can make smiling and eating difficult. Clear aligners can help close such gaps, or the expert might use veneers to manage these spaces between your teeth. Alternatively, the dentist may install crowns and dental bonding on your teeth. In the case of a dental crown, the expert makes an impression of your tooth and fits it in the area so that it covers the space effectively.

The above are indicators that you need to see a cosmetic dentist. This expert begins by examining your gums and teeth before letting you know your options. They also walk you through the components and benefits of each option so that you may make an informed choice. Once you've made your selection, the dental practitioner can begin the procedure to facilitate your dental well-being.