Three Popular Methods Of Restoring Teeth After Giving Up Smoking

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Giving up smoking is definitely not the easiest thing that a person can do. The addictive nature of this substance can be hard to beat, so if you're in the process of weaning yourself off or are completely clean already, you deserve praise. However, for many people, giving up smoking is just the start of fully recovering from the damage done to their bodies by cigarettes or vapes. If you know that your teeth have seen better days as a result of smoking, then here are three of the most common methods of repairing damage done to teeth by smoking.


Most people who smoke even a little will experience some level of staining of their teeth. The tar and other chemicals found in cigarettes and vapes leave behind pigment on the teeth, ultimately causing them to become yellow, brown, or some combination of the two. This means that people are often dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth after they quit smoking.

Whitening your teeth can change all that. Professional-grade whitening at a dentist's office can strip these stains off of your teeth without harming them. It's best to go to a professional for this procedure, as your teeth may have endured enamel damage from smoking that could make at-home whitening kits dangerous.


For people who have experienced serious enamel damage from smoking, whether their teeth appear stained or not, veneers are one good option. Dental veneers are like little porcelain shields that sit in front of your teeth. They look exactly like real teeth and seal off the front of your tooth. This not only gives it the appearance of a healthy tooth that never encountered cigarette smoke in the first place but helps to provide a layer of protection where the dental enamel used to be. This can help to reduce your risk of experiencing cavities, tooth decay, and dental sensitivity from smoking.


For some people who smoke, especially if it was a heavy habit, tooth loss may occur. In this case, dentists can utilize dental implants. Dental implants are composed of a small titanium peg that helps secure them to the root of your jaw, just like a real tooth is secured by bone. Then a crown is mounted on top, giving the appearance of a perfectly healthy tooth. Dental implants restore your looks but also help to strengthen your jaw, which can face issues after a tooth falls out or is pulled.

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