Are Zirconia Crowns A Worthwhile Investment For Your Kid's Teeth?

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There are several dental issues that your children can develop that would necessitate a visit to the dentist. And depending on the underlying issue, the dentist may prescribe a crown to remedy this problem. Although crowns are typically associated with cavities these are not the only oral problems that they can address. Other dental issues that would benefit from a crown include cracks in the affected tooth, weakened structural integrity, severe wear, and so on.

When discussing crowns with the dentist, they will present three main options for your child: metal crowns, ceramic crowns, and zirconia crowns. While zirconia crowns do come with a higher price tag than their counterparts, they offer a range of benefits that would make them perfectly suited to your child's oral needs. To learn more on that, check out the following reasons why zirconia crowns will be a worthwhile investment for your kid's teeth.

Zirconia crowns offer better biocompatibility

Although oral tissue is considered more sensitive than most other parts of the body, it is particularly delicate in children's mouths. Therefore, when choosing a crown for your kid, it is vital to keep this in mind. When compared to both porcelain and metal crowns, the zirconia variety are less likely to trigger an immunological reaction.

Thus, when you opt for zirconia crowns, your child will be less susceptible to gum inflammation, making it easier for them to get accustomed to their new crown. It is also worth noting that by having a positive experience with this crown, your child is less vulnerable to developing a negative attitude about going to the dentist.

Zirconia crowns have a natural appearance

The second reason why you should consider zirconia crowns for your child is that these prosthetics look much more natural than their ceramic and metal counterparts do. Admittedly, ceramic crowns do have the same coloring as teeth but when it comes to shade matching these crowns to your child's inherent tooth color, you have a better chance of doing so with zirconia crowns.

In addition to the hue of these crowns, the dentist will also enhance their appearance by polishing them and, in some cases, glazing them too. These additional steps ensure that the zirconia crowns will have the same pearlescent shine as your child's natural teeth. This natural appearance of the zirconia crowns makes them ideally suited to kids, as they will not be picked on by having different colored teeth than their peers. To learn more, contact a clinic like Promenade Center for Dentistry.