What To Know About Your Orthodontic Consultation

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Have you finally decided to seek corrective treatment to straighten out your teeth as an adult? If so, the whole process will start with a consultation. Here is what you should know about this first visit to your orthodontist. 


One of the first things that your orthodontist is going to do is take some pictures of you. They'll start by taking a general picture of your smile, but also take photos of your teeth with a spreader inserted in your mouth. This small device pulls your lips back so that your dentist has a clear view of your mouth for when they take the picture.

3D Impression

Today, you no longer need to put a gooey material in your mouth to take a mold of your teeth. These days, the entire process can be done with 3D scanning. A special camera will be used to take a digital image of your entire mouth, with results that show up on the computer instantly. This will give your dentist a very precise record of what your teeth currently look like, and will help guide your consultation so that you get the proper treatment.

Options Overview

With a clear picture of what kind of corrections your teeth need, your dentist will make a recommendation for what your potential options could be. Be aware that Invisalign is not always an option if you need to have major corrections done to your teeth. For example, this is true if you have teeth that are behind other teeth and that need to be shifted into the right position. If you are recommended traditional braces, you may be told that lingual braces are an option if you do not want others to see them. 

However, Invisalign is an option for those that want to make smaller corrections over a longer period of time. They work best for closing gaps, turning teeth, and things of that nature. It involves wearing clear plastic alignment trays that are removable, but still must be worn almost 24 hours a day for them to be effective. 

Final Decision

You do not need to make a final decision about what you want to do during your consultation. You can go home and think about it and work with your orthodontist to determine what will best meet your needs. Know that it is very common for an orthodontic consultation to be completely free as you use the opportunity to learn about the treatment options for you. For more information about orthodontic treatment, contact a clinic.