4 Telltale Signs It Is Time To See An Orthodontist

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Your teeth have a lot more impact on your facial features and smile than you might think. As people grow and develop, teeth can get displaced or misaligned over time. If you look at yourself in the mirror and wish you had aligned teeth, there is no better time to visit the orthodontist. These specialists are well-trained dentists who are highly effective in treating misaligned teeth.

It might be hard for the average individual to tell whether they really need an orthodontist's services. These warning signs should alert you.

1. You Aren't Confident About Your Smile

Misaligned or crooked teeth are one of the common reasons people seek orthodontic services. This condition could lower your self-confidence immensely. You deserve a smile that you can proudly display in public and interact with others without limitations. Thanks to orthodontic tools such as braces and Invisalign, your orthodontist can help you fix your misaligned teeth, which may significantly boost your confidence.

2. You Have Trouble Chewing

Many people overlook basic daily activities and pass them for normal until difficulty sets in. Eating and chewing without difficulty might seem easy and straightforward until you have misaligned teeth that deter the task. Other malocclusion problems — such as overbites, underbites, open bites, and crossbites — can make it hard to bite into food appropriately and sometimes cause pain. You might want to visit an orthodontist to help you correct the misalignment.

3. You Struggle to Speak Fluently

Have you noticed a growing difficulty in your ability to speak comfortably without whistling, drawling, or letting out some saliva? This could be an indication of an increasing overbite or gap in your teeth. Other speech difficulties include slurring and stuttering due to the jaw bone and teeth reformation and repositioning. Sounds such as "ch" and "t" need tooth and tongue contact to pronounce them correctly. If you start to have sudden trouble articulating them, it might be time to schedule a visit to the orthodontist for diagnosis and proper treatment.

4. Pain and Soreness in Gums and Teeth

While many things could explain the soreness and pain in your mouth, gums, and teeth, you can't rule out misalignment as a probable cause. Movement of teeth over time can cause discomfort, especially when eating. It is hard to ignore unexplained and sudden discomfort. Consider visiting an orthodontist for examination followed by treatment.

Determining when is the right time to visit the orthodontist can be challenging. However, these signs should set you on the right path to defining your ultimate answer. Contact an orthodontist for more information.