How Temporary Dentures Help Alleviate Anxiety Leading Up to Multi-Tooth Extractions

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Dental extractions are never something that anyone looks forward to, but when you get the news that you'll be needing several teeth removed to correct your oral health, the situation takes on a whole new level of stress. Fortunately, temporary dentures may be the solution to your multiple-tooth extraction anxiety. Here, you'll learn how a temporary denture can help you both physically and emotionally as you get through this difficult time.

What is a temporary denture?

A temporary denture is made somewhat like a permanent denture, but it doesn't have all of the detail work done and the impression is made while you still have your natural teeth in place.

Once the impression is taken, the dentist will create a mold that will be used to make the temporary plate. He or she will make some adaptations to alter the impression to match the shape of your mouth after the teeth are removed.

How will a temporary denture help?

If you're not worried too much about the extraction procedure itself, one of the biggest sources of anxiety may be the idea of having to leave the dentist's office and walk around with those teeth missing. Well, the temporary denture makes it possible for you to leave the office with the denture in place—nobody will see that there are any teeth missing. This can help you emotionally.

As far as the physical benefits of wearing a temporary denture after multiple teeth extractions go, there's less bleeding, swelling, and discomfort.

The minute that the dentist completes the stitches from the extraction, he or she will put the denture in place. When you go home, you are to leave that denture in place until you return to the dentist to have the stitches checked. He or she will remove the denture, check your wounds, clean the denture and put it back in place. If you attempt to remove it at home, the swelling may prevent you from being able to put it back in.

Since the denture will protect your open wounds, you'll be able to eat more comfortably sooner after the extractions. This doesn't mean that you'll be dining on a juicy steak any time in the next week or two, but you will be able to eat soft foods without having to worry about ripping a stitch or bumping the sensitive area.

Talk with your dentist to learn more about what to expect from a dental extraction procedure and if a temporary denture might be right for you.