Worried Dental Implants Are Unnatural? Here's Why They'Re Actually Fine

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It's understandable to be concerned about the idea of putting a permanent fixture like a dental implant into your body before signing up the for the procedure. If you're concerned that getting a dental implant could be unnatural or trigger physical problems for you later in life, you should know that it's actually quite the opposite. Here's how dental implants work with your body naturally and why you shouldn't be afraid of them.


The first thing you should know is that dental implants are made of two parts. The top part is the crown, or replacement tooth. This is just like any other crown you've ever had, except that the tooth is solid, since it's taking the place of a tooth rather than just covering one.

Underneath that is the post that holds the implant in place. These posts are made out of titanium, and that's important. Titanium is one of the only metals that doesn't cause any kind of reaction in the body. It won't trigger an auto-immune response, generate scar tissue, or cause any sort of inflammation or irritation in your body.


The post of your dental implant might seem like the scariest part to you. After all, it's inserted into your gums and even reaches down to the jaw bone. But in reality, there's nothing wrong with this.

Dental implant posts mimic your tooth's natural root. Your tooth goes much deeper than you can see, as most of it is hidden under your gums. The implant simply fits into the space where the root once was, helping to provide just as much support as your real tooth did at one time.

Natural Mechanism Imitation

Finally, perhaps the most remarkable thing about dental implants is that they mimic your body's natural tooth functions.

Teeth do more than help you to chew. They're also responsible for transferring pressure from your chewing to your jaw bone. This keeps the bone strong, which in turn supports the teeth. When a tooth is lost, you can develop spots of weakness in the jaw. The more teeth you lose, the worse this becomes.

Pressure transfers through dental implants just like real teeth, an advantage this type of replacement has over dentures or bridges. The pressure will stimulate your jaw and help it to regain the bone mass that's been lost.

Dental implants aren't actually as unnatural as you might think. If you've had a missing tooth for a while, consult with a dentist, such as at rtc dental, and find out how implants can boost your oral health naturally.