Total Smile Makeover: Benefits Of Adult Orthodontics, Whitening, And Reshaping

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When you think of smile makeovers, you might think of teens getting braces or at-home whitening kits. However, when adults get a total smile makeover, there is much more to the story than simple tooth straightening or over-the-counter kits that might not be as effective as you would like. Consider the following features of a total smile makeover and the benefits you can enjoy as a result. 

Increased Social and Work Success

If you have teeth that are not straight or teeth that have stains, you might have developed a behavior where you smile less often just to avoid showing off your teeth. Smiling directly leads to better social and employment success. Just the act of smiling helps to release endorphins to help you feel even happier, so people who smile more have increased happiness levels on a day-to-day basis. 

Also, your teeth matter when you smile. People with nice, straight, white teeth give a better first impression. Employers, co-workers, and people you meet as you go through your day-to-day interactions will subconsciously think better of you just because your smile is more attractive. In fact, one study showed that 40% of people would not go on a second date with someone with crooked teeth! 

Improved Tooth Health

Improving the shape and alignment of your teeth is not only important for the beauty of your smile. Improving the look of your smile also helps improve the health of your teeth in few unique ways:

  1. Straighter teeth are easier to clean. Crooked or mishappen teeth can be more challenging for floss or a toothbrush to clean effectively, which increases your risk of decay. You can have misshapen teeth fixed with veneers or other cosmetic treatments. Slight overcrowding can be fixed with clear braces. 
  2. Crooked teeth can be under more stress. A straight smile distributes the force of a bite over the entire set of teeth. When a tooth sits higher than its fellows, it takes a higher amount of bite force. This force can weaken the tooth over time. Simple straightening can even out teeth that sit a little higher because of crowding.
  3. Crooked teeth can sometimes cause gum troubles. When you have teeth that are under stress from crowding or from higher elevation due to poor shape, the gums are also under stress. Over time, the pressure on the gums can lead to increased gum recession.
  4. Home whitening treatment can be hard on the teeth. Home whitening systems can work, but professional cosmetic treatments are better for people with sensitive teeth since home whitening can cause irritation and sometimes damage dental work. 

You can expect healthier teeth over the long term if they are nicely formed and reasonably straight, which is why investing in a smile makeover is still a good idea even as an adult.

Reduced Visibility and Correction Time

You might have decided to avoid braces as an adult because you notice teens who wear braces for two or three years, followed by several years wearing a retainer. Usually, a cosmetic dentist can offer gentle straightening options like Invisalign, so don't avoid straightening your teeth because you are afraid to have a mouth full of wire. As a bonus, you also might not need braces as long as a teen might need them because all of your facial bones have matured. You might be able to correct some tooth problems in a matter of months, instead of in several years. 

Whitening also takes less time at the dentist office. You have access to a wider variety of whitening treatments, and you could have whiter teeth in just one visit (although some people need more), instead of using whitening strips for weeks. 

Reap the social and health benefits of a total smile change. Contact a local dental office that offers cosmetic dentistry services today.