3 Ways To Protect Your Children's Teeth During Spring Break Travels

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During Spring Break, many families are hitting the road in the search for fun. Unfortunately, while traveling, your children might not be as vigilant about their dental health. A week of poor dental choices could have a long-term impact. To protect your children's teeth while traveling, here are some tips you can use. 

Protect Their Toothbrushes

Taking care of your children's dental health starts before you leave the home. Before they pack up their toothbrushes, make sure they are protected. The toothbrushes need to be in a case or travel bag that can protect it from getting wet. Toothbrushes that are left wet throughout the day are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, so it is important to note that the case needs to be well-ventilated. Ventilation helps to keep the toothbrushes dry and prevents the development of the bacteria. The case needs to have holes to allow air to escape, but small enough to keep moisture out.  

Prepare for Snacks and Meals

During your travels, it is tempting to let your children enjoy some of the foods and beverages that are usually off-limits to them. However, unhealthy treats can leave your children's teeth vulnerable to bacteria and other harmful substances that could weaken their enamel. Once the enamel is weakened, cavities are almost sure to follow.  

To avoid this, take the time to pack up some healthy snacks for your children. Look for foods that are not only considered healthy for the body, but also the teeth. For instance, yogurt and raisins are a solid choice. To help make up for less-than-perfect brushing habits, you can try vegetables, such as celery. 

Schedule a Dentist Appointment

One of the final ways you can prepare your children for the road is to take them to see the dentist before leaving. A trip to the dentist has several benefits, including ensuring that your children's dental health is in top condition before you leave.  

If there are any problems, such as gum disease, the dentist can take steps to treat them now. Instead of having to hunt down a dentist at a later time for an emergency appointment, you can nip the problem in the bud before it becomes a crisis-level situation. The dentist can also make recommendations for ways you can further protect your children's teeth while on the road. With the additional support of the dentist, you might have an easier time of convincing your children to make good dental choices while traveling. 

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