The Process Of Getting Dentures

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When your dentist recommends that you should get dentures to fix the problems with your teeth, it is normal to feel a bit anxious about how the process will work. The actual process of getting dentures shouldn't be a big concern for anybody. Here is what you need to know about it.

Diagnosing The Problem

Dentures are recommended to fix missing teeth, but you do not need to be missing all of them. Partial dentures can be used to fix a few missing teeth. Full sets can be used when most of the teeth in the lower or upper jaw are missing, and they can even be held in place with the help of the existing teeth that are healthy.

Knowing The Alternatives

Missing teeth can be fixed using several methods, but dentures will be simple and cost-efficient. While dental implants will be a permanent solution, they can be out of your budget due to the procedures involved to install a synthetic tooth root.

A dental bridge is another potential solution, but it requires the odds to be in your favor when it comes to where your teeth are missing. A bridge can be used when a tooth is missing that falls between two healthy teeth. Crowns are placed on the surrounding teeth, and a fake tooth is held in place by those crowns. While is it more expensive than dentures, it will be much cheaper than dental implant to fill the space where the tooth was missing.

Creating The Dentures

Any teeth that are damaged beyond repair need to be extracted first, and then the gums must heal completely. This can take a few months, so you'll need to be patient. The dentist can then create a mold of the gums for the dentures. It will help create a custom dentures that fits your gums perfectly.

Until those custom dentures are created, the dentist will give you a temporary set of dentures. These dentures will not be the most comfortable set, but can help get you by until your custom dentures are made.

Your dentist will have you come back to have your custom dentures fitted one final time, make adjustments, and then send you off with your new dentures.

Dentures can be a great way to fix your missing teeth without spending a ton of money. If you have more questions about the process, speak to a dentist like Ideal Dentistry.