2 Benefits Provided By Having A Same-Day Crown Applied

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Same-day crowns are a choice if you are in need of a dental crown, and are made possible when a dentist has all of the equipment to make crowns on his or her own. A same-day crown procedure will often result in less pain and less disruption to your schedule than a traditional crown procedure.


A typical crown is often going to require that you go to at least two dental appointments before the procedure is completed. While this does not sound like it will disrupt your schedule too much, those two appointments can be very difficult to get to if you have a busy home, work, or school life. This is especially true if you have an employer or manager that frowns on his or her employees leaving in the middle of the work day. 

The reason for the two appointments is that a traditional crown procedure has the dentist preparing your tooth for the crown during the first appointment, then ordering a crown from a dental lab. The second appointment will typically occur a few days or weeks later when the crown arrives and can be fitted to your tooth. 

However, a same-day crown can help you avoid the disruption entirely because the whole procedure can be done in a single session. This will prevent you from having to find a way to make time in your schedule, or irritating your boss and fellow employees.


A crown process is typically not going to be extremely painful, but there is one aspect that can be quite unpleasant, the temporary crown. A temporary crown is necessary in a crown procedure to protect your tooth until the normal crown arrives from the dental lab. 

A temporary crown can often become loose, which can cause it to shift around while your are eating or talking. All of that shifting around can cause the temporary crown to drag across your gums, which can lead to irritation of the gums, bleeding, infection, and pain. 

While the temporary crown is not meant to be worn long-term, why wear one and experience the unpleasantness if you do not have to? A same-day crown is not going to require that you wear a temporary crown because your permanent crown will be ready and fitted before you leave the dentist's office.

Speak to a dentist and ask about the benefits provided by a same-day crown. A same-day crown procedure is ideal if you have a busy schedule where taking time off in the middle of the day is quite difficult, or if you want to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.