5 Unconventional And Awesome Ways To Put Dental Floss To Work

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Most people know that it is extremely important to brush and floss their teeth on a daily basis. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting cavities, discolored teeth and even bad breath. Just as dental floss works to help keep your teeth clean and free from debris, the dental floss can also help you keep things clean around the home and help you create some very helpful items. Here are five things you can do with your dental floss that you may not have considered:

Create a Fishing Net

Some prefer to use a fishing line and pole on their fishing trips while others prefer using fishing nets on their expeditions. If you want to have a spare net handy for your fishing trip, and don't mind spending the time and effort doing it, you can use dental floss to create your very own fishing net. You just have to weave the floss together to create a durable net that will support the weight of up to a medium-sized fish. This can be a great bonding project for parent and child or during a Boy or Girl Scout meeting.

Use as a Fire Starter

Because dental floss has a wax-like residue on it, it works very well as a fire starter. Whether it is in your home fireplace or out in the wild while camping, simply wrap the floss around a dry stick and light it. You'll have a fire started in no time.

Build Your Own Clothesline

Most people use metal wire for a clothesline, but sometimes this may not be available. When your dryer decides to stop working and you need clothes dried, you can whip out your pack of dental floss and create your very own clothesline. You will want to make sure that you have super-strong dental floss or use multiple layers of the floss for extra strength.

Seal Small Holes in the Wall

Although one or two nail holes may not be too unattractive, multiple holes can become rather annoying and unsightly. These holes can easily be sealed and covered up. You will want to take your dental floss, soak it in adhesive and then push it inside each hole. Do this until the hole is completely sealed. The adhesive will help seal the hole. Once this has been done, you can add a touch of fresh paint to fully conceal the hole.

Cleaning Cracks in Your Furniture

Furniture, especially leather furniture, can get cracks in it. These cracks can often be compared to the cracks between your teeth because they tend to be hard to reach, small and can gather dirt. Dental floss can be used to remove that dirt from these hard-to-reach areas just like with your teeth.

And, of course, don't forget that the most important use of your dental floss is keeping your teeth clean! Contact Joe Rosenberg, DDS for more information.