Porcelain Veneers: Why They Require Good Oral Health Habits For Durability

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When you have decayed teeth, you may want to get them removed or porcelain veneers place on them. The great thing about veneers is their resistance against decay, but you must still care for them because they will be attached to natural enamel that can decay. In this article, find out why good oral habits are a must for durability when you have porcelain veneers and what can lead to them having to be removed.

Why Do Porcelain Veneers Require Good Oral Habits for Durability?

No matter how much plaque accumulates on porcelain veneers, they will not suffer from decay. However, the small piece of natural enamel can suffer from decay if plaque is on the veneers. Deep cavities on the natural enamel can lead to you needing to undergo a root canal for the problem to be successfully treated.

Deep cavities are a big problem because they expose important areas in the pulp chamber of your teeth like the nerves and blood vessels. If you have plaque on the veneers, bacteria in it can get into your bloodstream through the exposed blood vessels and cause a body inflammation. The only way to keep you safe may be to remove the veneers so the pulp chamber can be treated.

Why Must Veneers be Removed to Treat a Pulp Chamber?

If the natural enamel that the porcelain veneers are attached too is only suffering from a little decay, removing the veneers may not be necessary. A dentist should be able to repair the decay with dental putty to prevent it from becoming a larger problem. Upon repairing the decay, you may also be prescribed antibiotics to get rid of any oral infections that you may have.

When deep cavities have harmed the pulp chamber, there is no choice except for the veneers to be removed so the dentist can treat you. He or she will have to removed damaged pulp and fill in the cavity with dental putty. If you want another veneer, you will have to purchase a new one because the one that was removed will be discarded.

Practice good oral health habits if you don't want your investment in porcelain veneers to be a waste from the natural enamel decaying away. Make regular appointments with a dentist so your teeth can be professionally cleaned after getting veneers. The porcelain veneers will last for many years if you take good care of your overall oral health.

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